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About ancestral tablet

Since ancient times, the Chinese had upheld the traditional way of enshrined ancestral tablet for our ancestors. It is a symbol of filial piety, reminding our descendants to remember our ancestors and worship them on ancestors worship festival like their dearth anniversary, Qing Ming, Hungry Gost Festival , New Year Eve .
Our ancestors tablet comes in more than 10 designs in each individual unique suites for customers to choose,worship their ancestors as a symbol of filial piety.

Suite 2A is the newest ancestral tablets suite in Block A of Nirvana Singapore, and it is also the most favorable ancestral tablets suite in Nirvana Singapore. This ancestral tablets suite is mainly designed in Maitreya Buddha statues, and the ancestral tablets is made of all colored glaze and crystal clear. There can be put 4 ancestor names in each ancestral tablets here. 

nirvana ancestral tablet suite 2A
富贵山庄新加坡神主牌 Suite 2A

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