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Nirvana Columbarium Block A

Nirvana Columbarium Block A (Ju Xian Dian) is currently 4 stories high, with a total of 21 niche rooms of different designs and styles. Now we have special offer 50% discounts for the entire niche room of Block A, don’t miss it! !


SUITE 6A is mainly designed in all white and the statue of Guanyin Buddha, symbolizing purity and tranquility. SUITE 6A Video


Suite 5A is that the ashes below the third floor are mainly made of gold, the ground is also golden, which symbolizes gold on the ground, and the ashes above the third floor are mainly white. There are four Amitabha statues on the tower. SUITE 5A Video


SUITE 12 is a more retro traditional design style. At present, Suite 12 is the lowerest price columbarium niches in our Nirvana Singapore. The lowerest price for double niches is only $10028 nett. SUITE 12 Video


SUITE 8BB niches door panel have a 3D effect symbolizing that the deceased is in the Nirvana phase which is the path before attaning Buddhahood. SUITE 8B Video


SUITE 7A niche door panel has got the image of Buddhism Eight Auspicious Symbols surrounding the Buddha.These eight items are being brought by Devas to congratulate the birth of Buddha. SUITE 7A Video


SUITE 8A is a free thinker niches suite. Niches door panel is a lotus flower which represent purity and enlightenment.Surrounding the lotus will be auspicious jade and two hooks which resembles a bat wings which Chinese believe in bringing fortune. SUITE 8A Video


The feature of  SUITE 3 is that the room is very spacious, and pictures of the deceased can be displayed in front of the door panels. It’s a suite with a more traditional design. SUITE 3 Video


SUITE 13A through the “Tathagata Pure Land” niche facade,Suite 13 is a mixture of gold surface and elegant scriptures,exuding a quite charm,alike to the spiritual state of the ancestors.

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