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Grave Exhumation

Our ancestors’ buried remains are referred to as “huang jin” which translates to “gold” or “treasure”. Hence, grave exhumation in Singapore is also commonly known as “picking of treasures”. 

As the name suggests, this signifies the importance of our ancestors’ remains. Comparing the remains to gold is a fitting metaphor. After all, our departed loved ones occupy a space in our hearts that no one else can replace. Moreover, digging up the gold you have buried requires a level of care and consideration. 

Hence, the grave exhumation service as well as the niche relocation process is one of the important funeral services in Singapore and should not be taken lightly. This involves various chanting ceremonies and other fengshui factors to ensure that it is carried out in a proper and auspicious manner. 

Shifting the resting place of our ancestors to a better location will benefit the descendants and bring prosperity to the family.

There are various reasons for Grave Exhumation and Niche Relocation:

  • Family Relocation: Relocating deceased family members together will make it more convenient for descendants to pay their respects.
  • Government policy: In Singapore, burials that have reached a maximum of 15 year period have to be exhumed and relocated based on the family’s religious traditions.
  • Fengshui: Existing fengshui might be compromised due to flooding or external factors.
  • Physical environment factors: Relocating to a columbarium will allow the descendants to pay respects to their ancestors in a comfortable and peaceful indoor environment.
  • Filial piety: The living would like to provide a better resting place for their ancestors as a sign of filial piety which is a desirable trait of the descendants.
Nirvana Singapore Niche Relocatian Grave Exhumation 新加坡富贵山庄祖先搬迁服务

Our Grave Exhumation Package

Package inclusive of:

  1. Site survey (take photos of cemetery location) and assist in application for grave exhumation permit with NEA.
  2. Selection of auspicious dates for grave exhumation (Propose 5-7 dates for selection) 
  3. Groundbreaking Ceremony (A few days to a week prior to the day of Grave Exhumation)
  4. Chanting Ceremony (on the day of Grave Exhumation)
  5. Grave Exhumation (to be carried out after sunset), remains will be rinsed with Rice Wine and sent for cremation.
  6. Urn will be sent to preferred Columbarium Niche for urn settlement.
  7. Chanting Ceremony for the arrival of Urn at the Columbarium Niche.
  8. Conclude the Grave Exhumation process. 



  1. 我们会去为祖先坟墓拍照(确认坟墓地点),然后协助家属向NEA提交申请
  2. 帮助家属选择搬迁日期(吉日5~7天)
  3. 破土仪式(为祖先搬迁前几天或前一个星期进行)
  4. 诵经仪式
  5. 掘墓,拾金(由华人捡骨,在旁晚太阳下山后进行),用米酒洗骨,送往火化
  6. 隔天将会把先人骨灰送往指定的骨灰安置所
  7. 诵经仪式,骨灰入塔
  8. 功德圆满